3 Products To Avoid Putting On Your Skin

As you get older, you become conscious of the products you’re using and what ingredients are in them. You’ll pick up topical products you’ve used before on your skin only to see that they contain harmful ingredients that can cause reactions to your skin, disruption of hormones, or specific medical issues. Some of these harmful ingredients can get into your bloodstream. These ingredients can build up over time and can cause adverse side effectsFortunately, you’re health-conscious enough now to make the right decisions for your body. You can research your questions and find suitable answers as an empowered consumer. Now that you know you’re making the right steps towards making the right decisions regarding topical products, you need to know 3 products you should avoid putting on your skin.


It’s challenging to avoid aluminum. Aluminum is found everywhere, from cosmetics and food to beverages and antiperspirants. For example, the intention of aluminum in antiperspirants is to block the sweat ducts. However, it’s essential to let your body sweat naturally. However, some are allergic to metals or develop an allergy to metals as they age. This could cause uncomfortable skin rashes. Also, with armpits being so close to the breasts, there are links to breast cancer.


Remember the chemical you used in high school to preserve dead animals? Yes, we’re talking about the same formaldehyde. However, many products use them, often unlabeled, to maintain their shelf lifeFormaldehyde is highly toxic and is linked to different skin conditions. Not only is it linked to skin irritability, but it’s connected to various cancers as well. It’s unhealthy to expose your skin to formaldehyde


You’ll commonly find products on the shelf with “paraben-free” on big, bold letters. That’s because companies are starting to understand that consumers are avoiding parabens at all costs. Unfortunately, you’ll still find parabens in a lot of different topical creams. Benyzlparaben, propylparaben, and methylparaben are just some of the parabens many companies use to prevent mold and other bacteria from developing in their productsUnfortunately, these parabens can get into the skin and cause some issues. Parabens have been linked to low sperm count and breast cancerIt’s essential to look for products that have 100% safe ingredients. When you’re looking for a product to use before, during, or after a workout, find one with a scent that lasts instead of any generic (and often harmful) products you’ll find in the average gym bag