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3 Products To Avoid Putting On Your Skin

As you get older, you become conscious of the products you're using and what ingredients are in them. You'll pick up topical products you've used before on your skin only to see that they contain harmful ingredients that can cause reactions to your skin, disruption of hormones.
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Why Is Perspiration Linked With Bad Odor?

It's almost impossible to get through a good workout without sweating. If you're not perspiring, then you're not workout out hard enough. There's virtually no way to avoid sweating either. Even the strongest antiperspirants can't stop the body's natural processes. However, have you ever gone to the gym full of sweaty bodies only to smell absolutely nothing? Isn't perspiration linked with a bad odor?
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Why Sweating Is Detoxifying

You don’t need to take any extravagant supplements or make a superfood shake to detoxify. Your body does a great job of detoxifying on its own through various organs. Your liver and kidneys help process toxins out of your body. However, did you know your skin can rid itself of toxins too?
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