Why Is Perspiration Linked With Bad Odor?

It’s almost impossible to get through a good workout without sweating. If you’re not perspiring, then you’re not workout out hard enough. There’s virtually no way to avoid sweating either. Even the strongest antiperspirants can’t stop the body’s natural processes. However, have you ever gone to the gym full of sweaty bodies only to smell absolutely nothing? Isn’t perspiration linked with a bad odor?

Why is Body Odor Attributed To Perspiration?

Fortunately, sweat is ordinarily odorless. However, those with certain medical conditions have a harder time breaking down bacteria in the sweat glands. These sweat glands aren’t only found in the armpits, as many believe. They’re also located near the ear, genitals, eyelids, and other parts of the body.

What Else Causes Body Odor During Perspiration?

Certain medical issues such as diabetes or kidney issues can cause body odor, but your stress levels can affect the odor. When we workout, we sweat from our eccrine sweat glands found everywhere on our bodies. This sweat helps regulate the temperature of our bodies to keep us cool during exercise. However, stress makes us sweat from another gland type known as the apocrine sweat gland. These different sweat glands are found in areas that don’t usually sweat during a heavy workout.The type of food you’re eating also causes a strong odor in your perspiration after consumption. Spicy and sulfurous foods can cause an excess sulfur buildup that excretes from your sweat glands. If you’ve noticed a sweat after consuming alcohol, you’re experiencing the after-effects of drinking because of widening blood vessels and an increased heart rate.Finally, certain medications from antidepressants to hormone medications can cause excess sweating that puts out a foul odor as a side effect. These odors can get worse, even during a typical workout. It’s best to use products that mask any body odor while allowing you to perspire naturallyThe problem with many products is they’re often too strong and imposing. These products can make you dizzy, or the people around you dizzy. Mixing these overpowering scents that don’t do an excellent job of masking odors can cause issues during a workout.However, you don’t want to try to keep yourself from perspiring. Perspiring is a natural process that helps keep your body’s temperature down when you’re working out. You’re also shedding chemicals and other materials from your sweat pores. It may have a negative stigma because of those with body odor issues, but the right products can help end the stigma of sweating.